Athens Airport (ATH) - arrivals and departures

Country - Greece

City - Athens.


GPS - 37.94, 23.95


Athens Airport on the map
Airport Athens - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
16:25 LH1282 Frankfurt Lufthansa
17:05 FR4257 Budapest Ryanair
17:45 WAZ7007 Abu Dhabi Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
18:00 GQ901 Paris Sky Express
18:00 GQ801 Brussels Sky Express
18:10 A3721 Lisbon Aegean Airlines
18:10 FR7116 Malta Ryanair
18:15 GQ431 Skiathos Sky Express
18:20 RO273 Bucharest TAROM
18:30 A3319 Heraklion Aegean Airlines
18:40 BA632 London British Airways
18:40 AZ718 Rome ITA Airways
18:40 A3375 Mykonos Aegean Airlines
19:00 GQ831 Milan Sky Express
19:00 GQ255 Chania Sky Express
19:00 A3121 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines
19:10 A3997 Izmir Aegean Airlines
19:10 GQ215 Heraklion Sky Express
19:15 U28087 London easyJet
19:15 FB807 Sofia Bulgaria Air
19:15 A3359 Thira Aegean Airlines
19:20 GQ387 Thessaloniki Sky Express
19:30 GQ701 London Sky Express
19:30 HV6709 Eindhoven Transavia
19:30 GQ273 Kerkyra Sky Express
19:35 U22607 Milan easyJet
19:35 GQ345 Thira Sky Express
19:38 3V4193 Larnaca ASL Airlines Belgium
19:45 FR699 Vienna Ryanair
19:55 A3913 Larnaca Aegean Airlines

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
17:40 LX1839 Zurich SWISS
17:55 EK210 Dubai Emirates
18:00 GQ680 Sofia Sky Express
18:05 A3906 Larnaca Aegean Airlines
18:05 A3122 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines
18:10 LH1283 Frankfurt Lufthansa
18:10 A3224 Kos Aegean Airlines
18:20 WAZ7008 Abu Dhabi Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
18:20 OA266 Limnos Olympic Air
18:20 A3994 Istanbul Aegean Airlines
18:30 OA154 Kavala Olympic Air
18:30 OA166 Ioannina Olympic Air
18:35 FR7117 Malta Ryanair
18:40 OA52 Zakinthos Olympic Air
18:45 A3286 Kerkyra Aegean Airlines
18:45 LH1755 Munich Lufthansa
19:10 OA276 Chios Olympic Air
19:10 RO274 Bucharest TAROM
19:10 A3608 London Aegean Airlines
19:10 GQ244 Chios Sky Express
19:15 A3320 Heraklion Aegean Airlines
19:15 A3144 Alexandroupolis Aegean Airlines
19:30 AZ721 Rome ITA Airways
19:30 BA633 London British Airways
19:30 GQ304 Mytilene Sky Express
19:45 GQ224 Kos Sky Express
19:45 A3126 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines
19:50 GQ388 Thessaloniki Sky Express
19:55 A3254 Mytilene Aegean Airlines
19:55 FB808 Sofia Bulgaria Air
20:00 GQ216 Heraklion Sky Express
20:00 GQ284 Rhodes Sky Express

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