Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) - arrivals and departures

Country - Turkey

City - Ankara.


GPS - 40.12, 33


Ankara Esenboğa Airport on the map
Airport Ankara - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:15 PC8041 Antalya Pegasus Landed
09:25 PC2664 Istanbul Pegasus Scheduled
09:35 TK7143 Diyarbakir Turkish Airlines
10:05 TK2134 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
10:05 JU8162 Istanbul Air Serbia
10:05 SQ6238 Istanbul Singapore Airlines
10:15 W5118 Tehran Mahan Air Landed
10:20 TK4287 Cizre Turkish Airlines
10:50 TK7023 Antalya Turkish Airlines
11:05 TK2138 Istanbul Turkish Airlines En Route
11:05 JU8164 Istanbul Air Serbia En Route
11:05 MH4290 Istanbul Malaysia Airlines En Route
11:05 SQ6282 Istanbul Singapore Airlines En Route
11:10 TK7242 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Cancelled
11:10 TK7115 Golgen Turkish Airlines Landed
11:20 TK7061 Trabzon Turkish Airlines
11:20 TK7005 Izmir Turkish Airlines Landed
11:45 PC3164 Izmir Pegasus Landed

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:30 TK2113 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
09:30 JU8154 Istanbul Air Serbia
09:50 TK7084 Van Turkish Airlines Landed
09:55 PC2665 Istanbul Pegasus Scheduled
10:20 TK7094 Agri Turkish Airlines Cancelled
10:30 TK2127 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
10:30 NZ4881 Istanbul Air New Zealand
10:30 PS9517 Istanbul UIA
11:00 TK2135 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
11:00 JU8163 Istanbul Air Serbia
11:05 TK7070 Erzurum Turkish Airlines
11:45 W5119 Tehran Mahan Air Scheduled
11:50 TK7243 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Cancelled
11:50 TK7092 Kars Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:55 TK2139 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:55 JU8165 Istanbul Air Serbia Scheduled
11:55 NZ4883 Istanbul Air New Zealand Scheduled
11:55 PS9539 Istanbul UIA Scheduled
11:55 SK3469 Istanbul SAS Scheduled
11:55 TK7040 Batman Turkish Airlines Scheduled

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