Lyon Airport (LYS) - arrivals and departures

Country - France

City - Lyon.


GPS - 45.72, 5.08


Lyon Airport on the map
Airport Lyon - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
00:00 TO7309 ALGER Transavia France Arrival 00:00
00:35 PC1143 ISTANBUL Pegasus Airlines Arrival 00:34
00:45 V72057 CORFOU Volotea Arrival 00:22
00:45 TP478 Lisbonne Tap Air Portugal Arrival 01:26
02:10 V72499 SANTORINI Volotea Arrival 02:30
07:15 AF1499 BORDEAUX Air France
07:20 AF1701 NICE Air France
07:30 AF1595 BREST Air France
07:30 AF1671 CAEN Air France
07:35 AF1539 MARSEILLE Air France
07:35 CE071 LIMOGES Chalair Aviation
07:40 V9084 POITIERS Van air
07:45 AF1689 STRASBOURG Air France
07:45 AF1483 NANTES Air France
07:45 AF1713 TOULOUSE Air France
07:50 AF1587 BIARRITZ Air France
07:50 AF1677 RENNES Air France
08:10 EW9412 DUSSELDORF Eurowings
08:15 EC1815 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
08:50 LH2246 MUNICH Lufthansa
08:50 EC7299 PALMA Easy Jet Europe
08:55 AF7360 PARIS-CDG Air France
09:25 KL1413 AMSTERDAM Klm
09:30 TU462 MONASTIR Tunis Air
09:35 TU588 DJERBA Tunis Air
09:35 AF7362 PARIS-CDG Air France
09:35 T77212 PAU Twinjet
09:40 TK1807 ISTANBUL Turkish
09:40 T75412 MILAN MXP Twinjet
09:50 EC4324 TOULOUSE Easy Jet Europe
09:50 LH1074 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
10:05 TU750 TUNIS Tunis Air
10:05 EC4328 NANTES Easy Jet Europe
10:25 V72623 PALMA Volotea
10:40 A3416 HERAKLION Aegean Aviation S.A.
10:40 3O341 CASABLANCA Air Arabia
10:40 E4525 AMSTERDAM Enter Air
10:45 TO8777 TUNIS Transavia France
10:45 A3646 ATHENES Aegean Aviation S.A.
10:50 EC4414 VENISE Easy Jet Europe
10:50 V72049 SETIF Volotea
10:55 EC8429 LONDRES LGW Easy Jet Europe
11:00 EC4420 ROME Easy Jet Europe
11:00 SN3587 BRUXELLES Brussels Airlines
11:10 AH1080 ORAN Air Algerie
11:15 TS572 MONTREAL Air Transat
11:30 TO7313 ORAN Transavia France
11:30 V71592 VENISE Volotea
11:50 TK7854 ISTANBUL Turkish
11:55 LH2248 MUNICH Lufthansa
12:00 I23736 MADRID Iberia Express
12:20 AH1036 ALGER Air Algerie
12:25 TO3709 SANTORINI Transavia France
12:55 AF7364 PARIS-CDG Air France
13:15 BA360 LONDRES LHR British Airways
13:20 EC4426 Lisbonne Easy Jet Europe
13:25 U22431 Londres Luton Easyjet
13:25 KL1415 AMSTERDAM Klm
13:35 PC1141 ISTANBUL Pegasus Airlines
13:45 AF7366 PARIS-CDG Air France
13:55 W48331 ROME Wizz air malta
14:00 VY1220 BARCELONE Vueling Airlines S.A.
14:00 LH1076 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
14:20 EC4310 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
14:20 V72065 MAHON Volotea
14:35 EC4418 NAPLES Easy Jet Europe
15:00 EC4306 BREST Easy Jet Europe
15:00 AF1685 STRASBOURG Air France
15:25 T77214 PAU Twinjet
15:30 AF1679 RENNES Air France
15:35 AF1541 MARSEILLE Air France
15:35 AF1673 CAEN Air France
15:40 AF1485 NANTES Air France
15:50 AF1699 NICE Air France
15:50 AF1707 TOULOUSE Air France
15:50 AF1513 BORDEAUX Air France
15:50 V72577 BARI-PALESE Volotea
15:55 AF1599 BREST Air France
16:00 AF1591 BIARRITZ Air France
16:00 VY9032 MALAGA Vueling Airlines S.A.
16:05 EC4434 FARO Easy Jet Europe
16:10 EI552 DUBLIN Aer Lingus
16:40 EC4725 NANTES Easy Jet Europe
16:45 TO7833 PORTO Transavia France
17:10 TU850 TUNIS Tunis Air
17:15 V72827 HERAKLION Volotea
17:25 EC4430 PORTO Easy Jet Europe
17:35 KL1417 AMSTERDAM Klm
17:40 T76616 BOLOGNE Twinjet
17:40 TP472 Lisbonne Tap Air Portugal
17:50 AF7368 PARIS-CDG Air France
17:55 TO7317 CONSTANTINE Transavia France
18:00 BA362 LONDRES LHR British Airways
18:05 EC4376 MAHON Easy Jet Europe
18:05 SN3591 BRUXELLES Brussels Airlines
18:05 I23734 MADRID Iberia Express
18:15 LH1078 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
18:25 TK1809 ISTANBUL Turkish
18:30 TO3225 MARRAKECH Transavia France
18:35 V9086 POITIERS Van air
18:35 OS405 VIENNE Austrian Airlines
18:40 EC4382 BARCELONE Easy Jet Europe
18:45 AT720 CASABLANCA Royal Air Maroc
19:05 V72895 BILBAO Volotea
19:05 TF3200 GOTEBORG Braathens Regional Aviation AB
19:10 AH1032 ALGER Air Algerie
19:20 LH2252 MUNICH Lufthansa
19:30 AF1545 MARSEILLE Air France
19:30 EC4416 ROME Easy Jet Europe
19:35 AF1691 STRASBOURG Air France
19:35 AF1697 NICE Air France
19:35 AF1593 BIARRITZ Air France
19:35 AF1489 NANTES Air France
19:35 CE075 LIMOGES Chalair Aviation
19:45 AF1705 TOULOUSE Air France
19:45 AF1515 BORDEAUX Air France
19:45 AF1683 RENNES Air France
19:45 T77218 PAU Twinjet
19:45 EW9416 DUSSELDORF Eurowings
20:00 T78518 LILLE Twinjet
20:00 AF1675 CAEN Air France
20:05 EC4330 NANTES Easy Jet Europe
20:15 AF1613 BREST Air France
20:15 EC1817 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
21:05 T75418 MILAN MXP Twinjet
22:05 AF7370 PARIS-CDG Air France
22:05 LH1082 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
22:10 EC4312 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
22:15 BJ598 TUNIS Nouvelair
22:20 BJ574 DJERBA Nouvelair
22:20 SN3593 BRUXELLES Brussels Airlines
22:30 EC4478 MARRAKECH Easy Jet Europe
22:35 EC8434 LONDRES LGW Easy Jet Europe
22:50 EC4326 TOULOUSE Easy Jet Europe
22:50 KM454 MALTE Air Malta
23:00 EC4314 BIARRITZ Easy Jet Europe
23:10 KL1419 AMSTERDAM Klm
23:10 BA364 LONDRES LHR British Airways
23:30 EC4432 PORTO Easy Jet Europe
23:55 I23732 MADRID Iberia Express

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
01:40 PC1144 ISTANBUL Pegasus Airlines Departure 01:51
05:30 TO3708 SANTORINI Transavia France
06:00 TO7312 ORAN Transavia France
06:00 TO8776 TUNIS Transavia France
06:00 V72064 MAHON Volotea
06:05 KL1412 AMSTERDAM Klm
06:05 AF7371 PARIS-CDG Air France
06:15 V72048 SETIF Volotea
06:20 T77211 PAU Twinjet
06:30 TP473 Lisbonne Tap Air Portugal
06:45 I23737 MADRID Iberia Express
07:00 EC4327 NANTES Easy Jet Europe
07:00 T75411 MILAN MXP Twinjet
07:05 EC8430 LONDRES LGW Easy Jet Europe
07:10 LH1083 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
07:15 EC4323 TOULOUSE Easy Jet Europe
07:15 SN3594 BRUXELLES Brussels Airlines
07:20 EC4419 ROME Easy Jet Europe
07:30 EC4413 VENISE Easy Jet Europe
07:40 BA365 LONDRES LHR British Airways
07:55 EC4425 Lisbonne Easy Jet Europe
08:10 AF1594 BREST Air France
08:15 AF1586 BIARRITZ Air France
08:20 AF1704 NICE Air France
08:20 AF1538 MARSEILLE Air France
08:20 AF1498 BORDEAUX Air France
08:25 V9085 POITIERS Van air
08:30 AF1672 CAEN Air France
08:30 AF1696 STRASBOURG Air France
08:30 AF1678 RENNES Air France
08:30 AF1706 TOULOUSE Air France
08:35 AF1482 NANTES Air France
08:35 CE072 LIMOGES Chalair Aviation
08:45 EC1816 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
08:50 EW9413 DUSSELDORF Eurowings
09:20 EC7300 PALMA Easy Jet Europe
09:30 LH2247 MUNICH Lufthansa
09:45 AF7361 PARIS-CDG Air France
09:55 KL1414 AMSTERDAM Klm
10:25 EC4417 NAPLES Easy Jet Europe
10:25 AF7363 PARIS-CDG Air France
10:30 TU463 MONASTIR Tunis Air
10:30 LH1075 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
10:30 TK1808 ISTANBUL Turkish
10:30 TU589 DJERBA Tunis Air
10:40 EC4433 FARO Easy Jet Europe
10:55 V72622 PALMA Volotea
11:05 TU751 TUNIS Tunis Air
11:20 EC4305 BREST Easy Jet Europe
11:20 E4525 CAGLIARI-ELM Enter Air
11:30 TO3224 MARRAKECH Transavia France
11:30 A3417 HERAKLION Aegean Aviation S.A.
11:30 3O342 CASABLANCA Air Arabia
11:30 EC4309 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
11:30 A3647 ATHENES Aegean Aviation S.A.
11:30 V72576 BARI-PALESE Volotea
11:45 TO7832 PORTO Transavia France
11:45 SN3588 BRUXELLES Brussels Airlines
12:00 T77213 PAU Twinjet
12:00 V71593 VENISE Volotea
12:15 AH1081 ORAN Air Algerie
12:35 LH2249 MUNICH Lufthansa
12:40 TO7316 CONSTANTINE Transavia France
12:40 I23735 MADRID Iberia Express
12:40 EC4429 PORTO Easy Jet Europe
12:45 AH1155 SETIF Air Algerie
13:00 TS573 MONTREAL Air Transat
13:10 TK7855 ISTANBUL Turkish
13:35 AH1037 ALGER Air Algerie
13:45 T76615 BOLOGNE Twinjet
13:45 AF7365 PARIS-CDG Air France
13:55 U22432 Londres Luton Easyjet
14:00 BA361 LONDRES LHR British Airways
14:10 KL1416 AMSTERDAM Klm
14:35 W48332 ROME Wizz air malta
14:35 AF7367 PARIS-CDG Air France
14:40 LH1077 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
14:40 PC1142 ISTANBUL Pegasus Airlines
14:45 VY1221 BARCELONE Vueling Airlines S.A.
14:45 EC4375 MAHON Easy Jet Europe
15:15 EC4381 BARCELONE Easy Jet Europe
15:30 V72894 BILBAO Volotea
15:45 EC4477 MARRAKECH Easy Jet Europe
15:50 EC4415 ROME Easy Jet Europe
16:25 AF1590 BIARRITZ Air France
16:25 AF1628 NANTES Air France
16:30 T77217 PAU Twinjet
16:30 T78517 LILLE Twinjet
16:30 AF1598 BREST Air France
16:30 AF1682 RENNES Air France
16:40 AF1662 BORDEAUX Air France
16:40 VY9033 MALAGA Vueling Airlines S.A.
16:40 V72072 CAGLIARI-ELM Volotea
16:40 AF1674 CAEN Air France
16:45 AF1644 TOULOUSE Air France
16:50 EI553 DUBLIN Aer Lingus
16:50 AF1698 NICE Air France
16:50 EC4325 TOULOUSE Easy Jet Europe
16:50 AF1690 STRASBOURG Air France
16:50 AF1540 MARSEILLE Air France
17:10 EC4726 NANTES Easy Jet Europe
17:40 V72826 HERAKLION Volotea
18:20 KL1418 AMSTERDAM Klm
18:25 T75417 MILAN MXP Twinjet
18:25 TP477 Lisbonne Tap Air Portugal
18:30 TU851 TUNIS Tunis Air
18:40 BA363 LONDRES LHR British Airways
18:40 I23733 MADRID Iberia Express
18:40 EC8433 LONDRES LGW Easy Jet Europe
18:40 AF7369 PARIS-CDG Air France
18:45 EC4431 PORTO Easy Jet Europe
18:55 TO4830 SEVILLE Transavia France
18:55 LH1079 FRANCFORT Lufthansa
18:55 SN3592 BRUXELLES Brussels Airlines
19:15 TK1810 ISTANBUL Turkish
19:20 OS406 VIENNE Austrian Airlines
19:20 EC4311 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
19:25 V9087 POITIERS Van air
19:35 V72098 FARO Volotea
19:35 TF3201 GOTEBORG Braathens Regional Aviation AB
19:45 AT721 CASABLANCA Royal Air Maroc
20:00 LH2253 MUNICH Lufthansa
20:00 EC4313 BIARRITZ Easy Jet Europe
20:10 AF1684 RENNES Air France
20:10 AH1033 ALGER Air Algerie
20:20 AF1488 NANTES Air France
20:25 EW9417 DUSSELDORF Eurowings
20:35 EC4716 NANTES Easy Jet Europe
20:40 AF1714 TOULOUSE Air France
20:40 AF1676 CAEN Air France
20:45 AF1700 NICE Air France
20:45 AF1688 STRASBOURG Air France
20:45 EC1818 BORDEAUX Easy Jet Europe
20:45 CE076 LIMOGES Chalair Aviation
20:50 AF1544 MARSEILLE Air France
20:50 AF1514 BORDEAUX Air France
20:50 AF1612 BREST Air France
21:05 AF1592 BIARRITZ Air France
23:00 BJ599 TUNIS Nouvelair
23:05 BJ575 DJERBA Nouvelair
23:35 KM455 MALTE Air Malta

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